Sarita Would Have The Power Of 5 Houses Of The Singer

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It was revealed that Sarita would have José José houses with millionaire values. After the death of the singer, the scandals are still around The most ‘benefited’ from the death of the ‘Prince of the song’ would be his youngest daughter

More than a week after the death of José José and the controversy that exists between his children, it has now become known that Sarita, the youngest of the three, controls 5 properties of the “Prince of the song” with a value of 63 million of pesos (3 million 212 thousand dollars).

The above despite the fact that in recent days the young woman declared that her father did not have much money.

“It turns out that by asking for the legal records that are made of a person here (United States), where you can see properties, businesses, companies, etc., we find that José José had five registered properties and in two of them he and Sara appear as owners Sosa, his daughter, ”an alleged person close to the artist's eldest children told a TV Notes publication.

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According to this source, the singer bought a property in 2002 and another in 2014, and probably could have put it as co-owner; However, after an audio was released in 2018 in which Sarita manipulated her father to sign a power of attorney, they now do not know what José José's true wishes were.

Regarding the properties, one is the mansion where the interpreter lived, his wife and Sarita, located in Costanera, Coral Gables, and the other, which Sarita owns, is located in Ocean Lane. "The first has a cost of one million 300 thousand dollars (26 million pesos) and the second of 640 thousand dollars (12 million 800 thousand pesos)," said the alleged source.