Scarlett Johansson And Other Stars Who Won A Double Oscar Nomination

Scarlett Johansson And Other Stars Who Won a Double Oscar Nomination

Scarlett Johansson is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

The 35-year-old American actress lives her glory year for the Oscars.

Scarlett is doubly nominated in the category of best actress for the Story of a marriage and best supporting actress in Jojo Rabbit, which makes her the twelfth person in history to get it in the same installment.


Of special interest is his case, since until now Johansson had not achieved an Oscar nomination and this year he aspires to two golden statuettes.

Scarlett Johansson in ‘History of a marriage’ joins a group of elite artists who have managed to aspire to candidates for interpretation in the same year.

In the Story of a marriage she plays the role of Nicole, an actress who experiences a traumatic divorce, while in Jojo Rabbit she gives life to Rosie Betzler, a mother who hides a Jew in her home during Nazi Germany.

Who are the other stars that have achieved this?

Cate Blanchett (2007)

After obtaining the Oscar for best supporting actress for The Aviator in 2004, Cate Blanchett managed to be doubly nominated in 2007 for the tribute tape to Bob Dylan, I ‘m not there and Elizabeth: the golden age. At that time, no statuette was taken home, with Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose and Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton who won prizes.¬† Cate would get her best actress actress trophy years later, in 2013, by Blue Jasmine.

Jamie Foxx (2004)

Achieved two nominations for best actor for Ray and best supporting actor for Collateral. His magnificent and mysterious incarnation of blues singer Ray Charles in the biographical drama of Taylor Hackford earned him the greatest award, while Morgan Freeman snatched the cast for his brilliant performance in Million Dollar Baby. After this edition of the Oscars, Foxx has not been nominated again.

Julianne Moore (2002)

Had competed up to four times when she finally won the precious statuette for Forever Alice in 2013. Previously she received the double nomination for playing two very different housewives of the 1950s: one in Far from Heaven, in the Oscar for best leading actress, and the other in Las Horas, in which he did as a secondary actress, but No one took the prize.

Emma Thompson (1993)

Looking at the Oscar nominations in 1993, anyone would think that only two actresses made films that year, as both Emma Thompson and Holly Hunter won two nominations that same year. After having won the Howards End award a year earlier, Thompson was nominated for What is left of the day and In the name of the father, but had no chance to go on stage, as The Piano took the prizes in the women’s categories . The main one was taken by Holly Hunter and cast Anna Paquin.

Holly Hunter (2013)

Six years after her first nomination, Holly Hunter won the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of a silent English woman who marries a New Zealand man in the movie The piano. Hunter being an excellent pianist, she herself played the piano on the tape. In that same edition he also competed for the best supporting actress award for the film The Cover, starring Tom Cruise, an award that finally fell to Anna Paquin, who played the role of his daughter in The Piano.

Al Pacino (1992)

Did not win an Oscar until 1992, despite top-level performances at The Godfather, Dog Afternoon or Serpico. It was his interpretation of Colonel Frank Slade in Essence of a woman, with which he managed to get the highest distinction.  That year he was also nominated for best supporting actor for Success at any price, a prize that Gene Hackman took from him for his character in Unforgiven.

Sigourney Weaver (1988)

Despite having been nominated three times, Sigourney Weaver has not yet He has managed to get up with Uncle Oscar.  In 1988 Weaver was nominated for two of her works: as a leading actress playing the prominent zoologist Dian Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist, which she lost to Jodie Foster, and also as a supporting actress in the romantic comedy Working Girl, whose Prize went to Geena Davis. In this way Sigourney Weaver became the first actress to be nominated twice in different categories at the Academy Awards, without getting any Oscar.

Jessica Lange (1982)

The new generations recognize Jessica Lange for her multiple characters played In the American Horror Stories series, however, Lange has been one of Hollywood’s best actresses for decades and the winner of numerous international awards. In 1982, Jessica became the third actress in history to be nominated twice in the same year in different categories. As best actress she was nominated for the independent drama Frances, although the prize of the night was taken as best supporting actress for her character Julie Nichols in the dramatic comedy Tootsie.

Barry Fitzgerald (1944)

Barry was the first Irishman to win an Oscar for his performance as Father Fitzgerald in the multi-award winning film Following my path in 1944.  Fitzgerald also had the unique honor of being the first and only person in being nominated in the categories of best actor and best supporting actor for the same character and in the same movie. After that happened, the Academy changed the rules and never happened again.

Teresa Wright (1942)

She got something extraordinary in the cinema. He began his career with three Oscar nominations in just two years. His debut in the movie La loba earned him his first candidacy. The following year, he won two for The Pride of the Yankees and Mrs. Miniver. Although she lost the best actress award, she achieved it with her secondary role in the William Wyler film, Mrs. Miniver.

Fay Bainter (1938)

She became the first performer to reap two nominations for best actress and best actress of distribution in the same year. The first as actress starring White Banners, by Edmund Goulding, in which she plays a maid who enters the service of a rich family, but in reality what she seeks is to find his secret son. And the second nomination, as best supporting actress by Jezabel, of William Wyler, in which he gives life to the mother of Bette Davis, a role with which she won the precious statuette.