Schools In France Open With “priority Students” According To Their Parents’ Profession And Family Situation

France has entered its first phase of lack of confidence this Monday after a two-month hiatus. Many teachers –and only teachers– from all over the country have returned to schools to prepare for the return of students, which can start from this Tuesday in the cases of preschool and primary education and always on a “voluntary” basis for both teachers as for students.

Queues this Monday in front of the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysées, Paris.



“Between 80% and 85% of schools will open from May 12,” said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer. Classes may not have more than 15 students in the case of primary and 10 in the case of nursery school. To meet these parameters, the Ministry of Education allows the creation of “priority student groups” among them students with functional diversity, in situations of social or school vulnerability and “children of indispensable personnel in the management of the health crisis and the continuity of the life of the nation”. Each center will also establish the system to meet the distance and not exceed the maximum number of students, such as going to school one day every two.

In Paris, the directors of the schools will contact this Tuesday with the families or tutors of the “priority students”, who will be able to return to class starting on Wednesday. “Students from families in situations of social and educational vulnerability: children with disabilities, children taken in for child protection, students who cannot follow classes from home and children at risk of dropping out of school”, informs the City Council. The children of essential workers will also have priority in the capital “or in relation to the resumption of the activity linked to the lack of confinement”. Children of police officers, firefighters, caregivers, social workers, teachers, municipal staff, some merchants and workers of public transport services, among others, fall into these groups.

The City Council of the capital calculates that it will host approximately 15% of primary students during the next two weeks, which is equivalent to 20,000 of a total of 130,000 students. “As of May 14, children whose parents carry out an indispensable activity for economic recovery and families in situations of social and school vulnerability will be able to gradually return to school,” said Mayor Anne Hidalgo. During the two months of confinement, some schools have been organized to house only the children of restrooms, police and other essential personnel.

Since the return of teachers is also voluntary, the number of open centers will depend on the number of workers available. “If we do not have sufficient teaching and service staff, they will not be able to open all 652 schools in Paris”, said last week the deputy mayor of ParisPatrick Bloche.

“The lack of confinement will be progressive and social. Our first objective is to prevent students from being left behind and to prevent students with difficulties from increasing those difficulties”, has pointed out the Minister of Education

. “Which students return and when? That will be determined by each school, but we have created a general framework in which certain categories of students can come perhaps more often than others,” he added.

Although the return is voluntary, the minister insists that instruction is compulsory and students will be able to find themselves from now on in four possible scenarios: going to school, following classes from home, in study rooms set up in schools for less of 15 students or in extracurricular activities.

Around 400,000 companies have lifted the closure in France on Monday, according to calculations by the Ministry of Economy. Among them, 77,000 hairdressers and beauty salons, 33,000 clothing stores, 15,000 florists and 3,300 bookstores. Early Monday, several people lined up outside the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs-Elysées. “Wear your mask, be sure to respect social distancing and wait for a dependent to receive you. You will be accompanied throughout your visit in compliance with health regulations,” reads a sign at the entrance. Any confesses to the newspaper Le Monde who wants to enter the luxury store to buy something and resell it online. “

As has happened in many other countries and regions, hairdressers have taken much of the limelight. In the city of Angers, Le Figaro tells the story of a hairdressing salon that in the last three weeks has received about 100 calls a day and no longer has any free space for three weeks.

As of this Monday, the French can also leave home without needing to justify it as long as they move within a radius of 100 kilometers. For longer distances it is required to be able to justify an “compelling” reason. Even so, circulation in the capital on Monday was similar to that of any day in August, according to local media.

Another focus of interest has been public transport, which, especially in the Paris metropolitan area, has been under surveillance since early in the morning as it is one of the main potential contagion sites, with brigades from the companies themselves supported by police. At the North Station, the busiest in the capital, dozens of employees of the metropolitan transport company, RATP, channeled the circulation of travelers – much less than there used to be before the health crisis – and from the 7.00 in the morning they distributed masks, initially with a certain disorder, aided by police.

Although there is already certain freedom of movement, in the Ile-de-France region, where the capital is located, the use of public transport in rush hour is prohibited unless the user has proof of work or has a “compelling reason” ” The use of masks in transport is mandatory, under a possible penalty of 135 euros. “5% of people did not wear a mask,” announced the Secretary of State for Transport. “It is an undeniable satisfaction to see that the use of masks has been respected.”

Queues this Monday in front of the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysées, Paris.

Queues this Monday in front of the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysées, Paris.




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