SDG3. The Health And Well-being Of Key Employees In The Design Of The New Workspaces Of The Post COVID-19 Era

Many companies are beginning to prepare their offices adapting them to the new work reality produced by the coronavirus pandemic. The new spaces must guarantee their users to keep their jobs a minimum distance of 2 meters, reduce the density and capacity of their facilities, creating work shifts. In addition, ecological awareness and digital transformation, ergonomic furniture, safety partitions, antibacterial materials, as well as flexible and versatile spaces are promoted. Hygiene protocols are also developed for workers and their workplace, signs that guarantee safe circulation and new technologies such as cameras with body temperature control or sensors that avoid touching shared use areas such as elevators or bathrooms.

In order not to leave anything to chance, Actiu, a Spanish company l design and manufacture of furniture for workspaces and hospitality has made available to companies the Guide “How to adapt a workspace to Covid19” to help recover the new normality guaranteeing the security of its templates.

The guide facilitates the redesign of work environments and socialization to the new sanitary and hygienic conditions, to combine teleworking with the traditional office and to guarantee safety and health in coworking and leisure spaces.