Sean Spicer Thinks Donald Trump Can Win The Election

The former press secretary of the Donald Trump government in the United States, Sean Spicer, said the current US president will win the 2020 election as long as the economy continues to go well and the Democratic candidate is Elizabeth Warren.

During his participation in the XII edition of the International Festival of Ideas "The city of ideas," he said that Americans have as their main point of analysis to choose their rulers, the degree of economic stability they have, it is of vital importance Feel safe

He explained that for many years his work has focused on giving advice to people who work within a political sphere, so he said that Donald Trump has become a watershed of his career.


He considered that it is the time when Republicans, like President Trump, must approach different ethnic groups, where the participation of Hispanics must be increasing “we must do more and not less to try to achieve a balance with a group of numerous inhabitants already in the country ”.

He ruled out that he is afraid to visit Mexico, "I have gone to university campuses in Mexico and the world, where there is no problem, it is important for people to have a thorough perspective of people and know why."

He said that Donald Trump will always be a particular character “he has achieved a parameter of sympathy with people, without following what is politically correct, so despite telling him a better way to do it, he has a particular way of doing it” .

By: Claudia Espinoza




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