Sebastián Rulli And Angelique Boyer Share Romantic Love Letters

The actors decided to immortalize on paper the words that define their love and shared them on the program Montse and Joe.

The conductors Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade they witnessed the great love that exists between Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli , who had a very special dinner that was broadcast on the channel Unicable.


At the end of this dinner in which they participated in the section The boyfriend’s tag, the couple of actors shared love letters written in their handwriting that they finally read to give more strength to this romantic expression.

Angelique He unrolled a scroll and with a smile on his face began to read aloud: “What I like most about you is the light you radiate. The sweetness of your being and the passion with which you give yourself to work and everything that gives you pleasure.

“I feel very proud of your professional achievements, for me you are the best actress in the universe, and of your personal achievements that are more than admirable. Thank you for the love you give me and the patience you have for me, you are my heart balm, I love you, ”he added.

Visibly excited, the actress thanked her boyfriend’s gesture and demonstrated it with a tender smile. Later, Sebastian He began to read the letter his girlfriend wrote him.

“Your discipline is admirable, I thank you for the positive way you teach me to cope with problems, I thank you that since I am by your side I smile much more, I thank you for the hugs that make me feel special, unique and very loved, I love you more than I can imagine, ”concluded the Argentine actor.

This is how the presenters witnessed one of the most romantic declarations of love of the moment in their program.

On the broadcast, television stars shared that their first kiss occurred in 2014 while they were on a theater tour.

During the dynamics, the protagonists of soap operas like Teresa Y What life stole from me They also confessed where their first official appointment went, revealing that this was not something conventional.

“His house. The next day we jumped in parachutes, ”he wrote Angelique. “At home, I arrived with a bottle of wine and chocolate,” he said. Sebastian. Although on that occasion their answers did not match, both detailed that first it was dinner at the actress’s house and the next day they ventured to jump off a parachute.