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Sebastián Rulli Is Seen With His Father In Spain After a Stroke

The actor was caught lovingly taking his dad to wheelchair therapy.

2021 did not start in the best way for actor Sebastián Rulli, because his father, Mr. Óscar Rulli, suffered a stroke on January 1 that paralyzed half of his body. After being informed of what happened, the soap opera heartthrob took the first plane to Malaga to support his father and his family at that difficult time.

“I am (in Spain) for this re ason, to give him all my love, all my support and continue to admire him as always because he is a warrior who gives me the example of struggle, perseverance and I am the same as him, so I have to be here to support him, “he said on Instagram stories.

Since then Rulli has found in his Stories the perfect medium to communicate to his followers the progress in his father’s health. The danger has passed and now it remains to subject him to therapies to regain mobility.

“Today life gives me the opportunity to admire more the person I have always admired above all else!”, Wrote the protagonist of The Dragon

next to a photograph of her dad in therapy. Hashtags like # teamopapá #sisepuede #esunalucha #losRulliseanunidos and #actitudpositivo accompanied his post.

As he commented on his social networks, the actor has given his father all his support and proof of this are the photos that parazzi took this weekend in the municipality of Estepona, in southern Spain. In them the actor is seen lovingly carrying his father in a wheelchair out of the rehabilitation clinic. Accompanying them was their mother, Silvia.

Everything seems to indicate that Mr. Óscar’s recovery is on the right track and the scare has passed.

The Argentine actor’s family has lived in Spain for more than 20 years. Interestingly, the first to arrive was Rulli himself, who in the late 90s lived in Ibiza where he worked at the iconic Pacha Ibiza nightclub. Then his parents arrived, who stayed to live in the Motherland while he traveled to Mexico where he entered the Televisa Training Center (CEA) where he studied acting and later became an actor.

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