Second Agent Says He Has More Information About Trump's Call

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A second intelligence officer could testify before Congress to reveal first-hand information about President Trump's pressures on Ukraine, which could reinforce the investigation of Democrats to initiate a political trial.

The complainant has not yet contacted the congressional committees that handle the investigation or opened a formal complaint as did the first agent.


So far, the complainant has only talked with the inspector general of intelligence, a person independent of the influences of the Executive that ensures the proper functioning of the CIA and other agencies.

The lawyer representing the first informant, Marz Zaid, said on Twitter that his agency is advising the complainant, although he did not reveal details of his identity.

"I can confirm press information that a second informant is being represented by our legal team. He has also made a disclosure (of information) that is protected by law and no reprisals can be taken against him. This informant has direct knowledge." he assured.

President Trump wrote on Twitter that the witch hunt continued.

"Is the Democratic lawyer the same for both whistleblowers? Everyone supports Obama and Hillary's dishonest. Witch hunt!" He said.

The second informant may not be the last. On Twitter, lawyer Andrew Bakaj, who also represents the first agent, said his law firm is presenting "multiple informants" and did not specify whether that means there will be more complaints.
Both Zaid and Bakaj work for the legal group "Rose of the Winds" that specializes in the defense of so-called "whistleblowers" or informants, that is, those who are aware of infractions in their workplace and decide to report them.

The controversy arose a few weeks ago when the first informant revealed that, in a phone call on July 25 from Trump with his Ukrainian counterpart, Valdímir Zelesnki, the president abused his power and tried to pressure the European country to interfere in the elections from 2020.

Trump asked Zelenski to inquire about former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who advised a Ukrainian gas company. According to various media, his goal is to discredit him since Biden is his strongest Democratic rival for the presidential.

Since the scandal broke, Trump has tried to question the credibility of the first whistleblower, allegedly a CIA agent. The president said that the individual relied on "second-hand information", since his complaint was made from the testimony of half a dozen government officials.

"The first informant with second-hand information understood my telephone conversation almost completely wrongly, so now they put him on the bench and another informant arrives from the deep state, also with second-hand information," Trump complained Saturday the night, alluding apparently to an article in The New York Times.


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