Selena Gomez Looks For Protagonists For Her New Makeup Line

Selena Gomez Looks For Protagonists For Her New Makeup Line

The singer is the last celebrity who decides to merge her ideas with a makeup brand.

The market of beauty product collections associated with the name of a celebrity is very saturated and, consequently, good publicity can make a big difference when standing out from the companies that have founded Lady Gaga Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian or Millie bobby Brown among other.


Selena Gomez He was the last to announce that he created a makeup line called ‘Rare Beauty’, in a nod to the title of his latest album, and now he has appealed to all his fans to participate in a contest that will choose the protagonists of his Next promotional campaign.

Those interested must submit their application before March 1, attaching a short text explaining what makes them unique and their color IQ: a four-digit code used by store employees Sephora

to identify the skin tone of each client after performing a scan of their face, which facilitates their shopping experience when used as a reference when selecting the most flattering colors for each person.

The philosophy of Rare Beauty It is based on offering a fun and special experience to its consumers, without promoting the usual beauty standards in the fashion world: “Our goal is to find beauty in what society considers imperfections and build a community that redefines the concept of beauty, acceptance and mental health. “

The winners of the contest will be announced the next day 9 and, in addition to appearing in the brand’s advertisements, they will also receive access to their products before they go on sale.


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