Selena Quintanilla: When She Almost Suffered a Spectacular Accident On Stage While In Concert

The famous singer “Selena Quintanilla” is still remembered by her millions of fans around the world, still 26 years after her death caused by the shot that Yolanda Saldívar fired. His early departure left a great void in the Latino community and there has been no other artist who has been able to take his place.

In spite of everything, his music and imposing style left a great legacy and to this day he continues to reap successes. Precisely, in 2020 her biographical series was released through Netflix, which revealed some details never before told by the “Queen of Tex-Mex”, causing a sensation among her fans.

In addition to the production of the streaming platform, in 1997 a film of her life was released, starring Jennifer López, which showed a shocking scene that the artist would have experienced in a concert she gave in Monterrey, where she was close to collapsing in front of to the thousands of people who watched her on stage.


In fiction, Quintanilla collapses due to the euphoria of his fans, who sing at the top of their lungs each of his songs. But was this real or was it just something created by the writers? It was half real. “Selena y Los Dinos” were indeed on the verge of suspending a concert in Monterrey, because there were many people who tried to rush to the stage, endangering the life of the group.

In the videos shared on social networks, Selena can be seen wearing a black suit, at the moment that the stage was about to collapse. In the middle of the interpretation of “Baila esta cumbia”, the youngest daughter of Abraham Quintanilla asked the fans not to push, when the music stopped and the security team began to arrive on the stage.

At all times the singer tried to keep the public calm and later it was the organizers who warned that if the uproar continued, the concert would be canceled, so the situation returned to normal and Selena was able to continue singing and sweetening the night.

In fiction, the singer gave a concert in the afternoon, dressed in white. It was while singing the song “La Carcacha” that those attending the presentation began to throw themselves on the stage, causing the floor of the stage to rise. The American composer did not want to leave her audience stranded, so she returns to the stage to perform a ballad.