Sergio Pérez: "We Can Recover Points"

The low temperature that has occurred in the Interlagos circu it has not been beneficial for Racing Point driver Sergio Pérez, who acknowledged that during the week they did not find the desired rhythm at any time.

After finishing the classification in the fifteenth position, the Tapatio said they will appeal to Sunday's weather, where around 25 degrees Celsius is expected.

“We did not have the rhythm. We are in Q2 thanks to Carlos Sainz. In the race we are doing better and it is important and we expect a very hot race and there is nothing lost, ”he said.


Similarly, Czech was optimistic and said that "we can recover and reach the points, but it is not the ideal place to start."

"We have improved the balance and the pace was not, at any time we were competitive and the only moment was in distance of race and we hope we can recover," he said.