Series And Movies In a Minute: Loki's Fiction, The Return Of "Deadpool" And The Anger Of Donald Trump

The series of Loki, the God of Deception

Thor's brother, the Nordic culture superhero that Chris Hemsworth played, managed to have his own series. Actor Tom Hiddleston posted a photo on Instagram announcing that it is already in the production stage, although it had already been announced at the last Comic Con in San Diego.

The production will be released on the Disney + platform in the autumn of 2021. Until now, only one image has been leaked where the God of Deception is seen – as Loki- is known in 1975, a date that coincides with the background poster of a cinema which announces the premiere of Shark, which makes us ensure that there will be many leaps in time.


The showrunner would be one of Rick and Morty's screenwriters, Michael Waldron but it is unknown who will accompany Hiddleston in the cast.

Donald Trump was removed from "My poor little angel 2"

It was 1992 and the sequel to My poor little angel premiered. On this occasion, the action took place in New York, at the Plaza Hotel, where Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) met again with the thieves of the first installment. While he is staying at this luxurious hotel, the boy comes across a man who asks him where the lobby is. That man was nothing and nothing less than Donald Trump, who was a multimillionaire businessman and tycoon.

This participation of just a few seconds was eliminated a few days ago in a film broadcast on a Canadian television channel. The CBC chain claimed that several scenes were cut because the film was very long and had many advertising commitments. The president of the United States himself posted on his twitter: "The film will never be the same," although he clarified that he was joking. The truth is that in Washington this “cut” did not fall very much and they made known their anger.

Ryan Reynolds said it is already a fact. A third of Deadpool will arrive. Although it is not confirmed at one hundred percent, it is rumored that the release date would be October 2022. Why only in almost three years? No, we must not forget that the merger between Fox and Disney, caused many projects to be delayed.

It also remains to define the theme of the movie's rating. From Disney they propose that the film be rated as over 13 years old but Reynolds insists that it be “R” since the film has many scenes of explicit violence, blood and a vocabulary not suitable for minors is used.

It is for this reason that the protagonist of Deadpool would try to take control of the creative control of the film that gave him popularity, an issue that will have to be resolved with the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige that is surely opposed to delivering creative freedom to Reynolds.



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