Several passengers get off an airplane for complaining about another who coughed and sneezed

Several Passengers Get Off An Airplane For Complaining About Another Who Coughed And Sneezed

New York – Several passengers have been evicted from a flight by the United Airlines that operated the route that links Eagle (Colorado) with Newark (New Jersey) for their “disruptive behavior” after they panicked because a person had coughed and sneezed several times.

The pilot made the decision during the flight to divert to Denver because a “small group” refused to follow the instructions of the cabin crew.

“After landing safely, the authorities approached the plane, passengers were evicted and the flight continued its route to Newark,” company members said in statements to KCNC-TV.


In the midst of the Wuhan coronavirus crisis (Covid-19), the crew found that the passenger in question had no fever and said they simply had an allergy picture, with their own symptoms, so they were allowed to stay in the plane.

The flight landed in Newark with an hour and a half delay due to the incident.

Another passenger named Jordan Safirstein related through his Twitter account that “it turns out that a person was in panic for having sat near a person who was coughing or sneezing and made unreasonable demands.”

“There came a time when he became ‘wayward’ and uncooperative. There is no Covid-19 here,” said Safirstein via the social network.

Likewise, United’s official account has also issued a tweet about it in response to Jordan Safirstein’s.

“Hello, Jordan. We are very sorry for any concern this may have caused you. While there was a situation with a passenger that forced us to evict a group from the flight, we can confirm that in no case was it a medical situation,” he concluded. The airline.

Coronavirus cases in the United States already exceed 700 infections and there have been at least 26 deaths.



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