Shaila Dúrcal Responds To Those Who Criticize Her For Her Weight

The singer asks that they do not criticize her because they do not know what is happening at the moment on a personal level

Shaila Durcal returns to monopolize the attention of the public due to an issue related to his physique that this time has to do with his obvious weight gain.


The singer born in Spain talked about it on the show Selling to which he explained the problems he is currently facing and that have caused his figure to have changed radically.

“I’m round but it doesn’t matter; (I am) very healthy. I don’t care if they criticize me because they have no idea what happened daily, ”said the daughter of Rocio durcal, and then explain the situations that you must go through in your daily life.

“What woman does not gain weight and lose weight? I think it is very important, too, for today’s artists to be very real, because they also live in a world that has social networks, people really want to see how you are, how you live, ”he said Shaila


“I had an accident (which resulted in the loss of a part of the finger), I stopped smoking. I have been barely two years since my accident; then, you recover emotionally because of course it gives you depression; Of course it gives you a downer, it’s normal. And I have a thyroid problem too, ”he revealed.

Although he has faced several challenges in different areas of his life Shaila Durcal He says he is grateful to have the opportunity to confront these problems.

“These are things that I have to live, right now, at this stage of my life, but it could be worse. I think that the most beautiful thing that a human being has is to be able to confront things so directly. I am like that, I am a woman who likes to confront direct things; This has happened to me, because we are going to try to get ahead, ”he concluded.