Shake And Shake! Shakira Moves So Rich That It Escapes Total Neglect!

Gradually Shakira's documentary is coming to light, although it premieres on November 13, there are many passages that went through both the networks and some internet platforms.

The video is a compilation of everything that happened during his “El Dorado World Tour” tour, which will be available in the halls of 60 countries, but it will only be that day, so you have to prepare to enjoy the artist on the screen big.

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The Colombian opened her heart and told about a black year in her life. In 2017 Shakira had a serious health problem that prevented him from speaking for several months. The artist saw her career in danger, and had to cancel several tours.

Much was speculated on the withdrawal of the singer as she suffered hemorrhages on her vocal cords, but Shakira's identity was not giving up, she could not think for a moment that this could happen.

In this video the Colombian artist shows her best dances, makes a collage on her Instagram account, with the best movements of her hips, but be careful that something can be filtered if you move that way.