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Shakira has been in everyone's mouth in recent days. The Colombian singer is one of the most famous Latin artists internationally and has achieved great success throughout her career. The Barranquilla told details of one of the most difficult moments of his work and personal life.

During the presentation of the documentary of her tour "El Dorado World Tour", in Barcelona (Spain), the Colombian singer confirmed what was an open secret: that she went through a strong crisis with Gerard Piqué that was about to end her relationship.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are one of the most media and famous couples. Since the couple confirmed their courtship, the paparazzi have been behind them to get more details of their romance that has had ups and downs.


But how did the couple meet? How was love born between them? Shakira has been very romantic and has shown his love for the Spanish footballer with several songs he has dedicated. Next, we tell you all the details of this romance.

Before beginning his relationship with Gerard Piqué, Shakira had a 10-year relationship with Antonio de la Rúa. According to Shakira's stories it was love at first sight. She was then 23 years old and he was 27. Their relationship lasted until 2010 after the singer participated in the World Cup in South Africa with the theme "Waka Waka".

Many believe that Shakira and Piqué met in the recording of the video "Waka Waka", the World Cup song in South Africa in 2010, but it was not.

The singer and the Spanish footballer met in Madrid, a city she traveled to sing in the Rock in Rio of 2010. Shakira was in the same place where Piqué and Fábregas were also, and there they drank some mojitos together (like then she tells in the song 'I fell in love').

Both were about to go to South Africa (where the World Cup was held). And he asked for his phone number. Shakira arrived before in South Africa and the player wrote to the singer to be interested in the weather of the African country.

"I asked him," hey, what is the temperature in South Africa? It is the typical stupid question. A normal response would be 'it's very cold, bring a coat' but he gave me a break detailing the cold it was every hour. And I told myself 'this is not normal,' said Piqué in an interview in 2016.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met again in the recording of the video "Waka, Waka", the representative song of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. The Spanish soccer player approached the singer to say: "I'm going to win this World Cup because I want to see you at the end of the tournament and invite you to a romantic dinner. ” That's how they started dating and love was born.

In early 2011, the courtship between Shakira and Piqué was confirmed and in September 2012, the Colombian singer became pregnant with her first child, Milan Piqué Mebarak, who was born on January 22, 2013 at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona.

Two years later, in 2015, Shasha Piqué Mebarak was born in the same clinic where his older brother was born.

The family lives in Barcelona, ​​in an exclusive house that the couple built in Ciudad Diagonal, in Esplugues de Llobregat.

In 2017 she made Piqué a true declaration of love: a song, 'I fell in love', in which she tells how she fell in love with him.

However, 2017 was not a perfect year. Shakira's recent statements show that his relationship with Gerard Piqué was not always rosy as he has lived very hard times with the Spanish soccer player. For example, that year was the most difficult and dark of his life, both personal and professional.

In 2017, Shakira was detected with the vocal cord injury that not only caused the cancellation of her “El Dorado” tour, but also kept her away from the stage for almost a year.

Shakira said that after visiting up to five doctors, 80% recommended surgery; however, she did not want to enter the operating room because the recovery would have her too long away from her children and therefore she preferred to remain silent for a long time in order to recover her characteristic voice.

"My son Sasha told me that he was praying to the Infant Jesus and the Virgin for mother to speak again," recalled the interpreter of "Eyes like this," which also confessed that in the months he was unable to communicate as he usually did, his Relationship with Gerard Piqué was affected.

Shakira said he was always "very angry", affected by what was happening to him, "and he needed me to talk" and explain how he really felt. "Gerard has seen me crying so many times because I thought I could not return to my career," he explained.

Thus, the Barcelona player was a key piece in his recovery and for that, he did not hesitate to be hard on her. “He told me that I didn't want a future with a bitter woman, that everyone was making music out there while I was locked up at home with the children. Get out there and get to work, ”he said.

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