Shakira Photo Leaked With Cellulite And Her Fans Defend Her From ‘haters’

The Colombian star was heavily criticized by social media users, but her loyal fans praised her being a natural woman.

For a long time, Shakira It has been considered one of the most beautiful Latin women in the music industry, however, the Colombian could not be saved from the “haters” and was the target of an attack on social networks due to her cellulite.


The controversy began when one of his supporter shared an image of the star in an event where he wore a dress and boots, when sitting, he discovered the imperfections in the skin of his legs.

The man tried to show on Instagram the imperfections of interpreter of Hips don’t lie, but the surprise was how much the singer’s followers celebrated the image, because instead of criticizing her, they said that confirmed that Shakira She was a real woman and she didn’t have to be ashamed.

The singer’s followers mentioned that this made them admire him even more and that they applauded him to show this detail of his body to normalize the existence of cellulite in young and mature women.

“I love it because she is a real woman. We all have it or the vast majority! I love it and it is beautiful ”,“ I love Shakira naturally, like every normal woman with her essence and her beautiful natural beauty everything she puts on is perfect ”,“ It is simply beautiful ”,“ Beautiful and natural !!! excellent Shaki, “” How beautiful my shaki I love you, “were some of the comments the star received.

Shakira He just turned 43 and celebrated it big, because he did it by starring in the Super Bowl halftime next to Jennifer Lopez. His most famous themes and hip movement were sensation throughout the world and thousands of fans praised how well it is preserved.