Shakira Sweeps With a Video Where He Teaches Piqu To Dance. He Does It Better?

The Colombian singer Shakira, is one of the most beloved in the world of music, because the artist has won the heart and respect of everyone in the middle.

Definitely, when we talk about the Waka waka interpreter, we are referring to one of the personalities that causes sensation in the world of entertainment. Related News He has a great charisma, and above all an unmatched talent, because it is noteworthy that the Colombian in addition to singing very well, dances like the gods.

On this occasion, a video went viral where you can see the singer teaching her husband how to do his characteristic dance. As we all know, the couple of Shakira

He is a soccer celebrity, where he looks like few others. This time he also stood out, but not on the court, but above the stage.


Many of Shakira’s followers know what the gift he has is, this is when he moves his hips without stopping, a unique spectacle.

However, in the video you can see Shakira teaching her partner how to dance like her, something that he starts doing very well, but then it seems that it causes him shame and chooses to laugh.