Shanik Aspe Celebrates Her Baby Shower With Sherlyn

With a spectacular party, the conductors celebrated their desired pregnancies.

The Mexican driver Shanik aspe , celebrated her pregnancy with the Jalisco actress Sherlyn Gonzalez , who also expects a child, and others from her middle classmates, who are also pregnant.


At the beginning of the year, Aspe she shared with her followers, that she was waiting for her first baby, with her husband Mauricio Odiardi, who has been married for several years and even revealed that they will have a girl.

For its part, Sherlyn She decided to undergo in vitro fertilization to become a mother and although she has no partner, the 34-year-old artist waits for a child, in the company of her family and friends.

“My first baby shower was with these amazing ones. Thank you for this surprise, they are the best, real! and of course my women for going and partying with me waiting for my baby Carlotta, 21 weeks, ”he wrote Shanik

at the bottom of a photograph of the celebration.

The Jalisco also shared stories of the celebration through her social network: “After a spectacular baby shower with all my friends, who really threw the house out the window, they were so beautiful, so much love, I feel so loved, so spoiled, happy, ”he said Sherlyn.

The public did not take long to write their response to the event: “How beautiful all, what beautiful pancitas”, “What a photo father, all pregnant, congratulations”, “What a beautiful photo, look beautiful”, are some of the comments made by the Internet users about group photography of the party.

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