Shawn Mendes Counts "complications" Of Living With His In-laws In Quarantine

Due to the confinement, Shawn Mendes moved to Miami with his girlfriend, and her whole family, in the end everything seems to have gone wonderfully for both of them.


Even though Shawn mendes He has already told how grateful he is with the confinement because it forced him to take things much more calmly and “pushed” him to live with his girlfriend, Camila CabelloHowever, it has now revealed new details of the interesting isolation it has had.



In an interview with Zane Lowe, Shawn She acknowledged that at first she was very afraid of the calm that the change of rhythm in her life brought and confessed that she was also afraid because moving with Camila also included the singer’s parents and sister.


“The isolation and quarantine that we have had to do because of the pandemic that we are suffering has been something terrifying and very hard. But for me something really beautiful came out of this experience as well: the idea of ​​not being able to go anywhere. The obligation to stay still in the same place, “said the singer.


The stress caused by imagining living in a crowd was such that the interpreter came to think that this would make his work difficult, however, everything seems to have gone well between him and his in-laws.


“And that the first week that I went to Miami to live with Camila, with his parents and with his sister I had a panic attack because I thought that under those conditions I was not going to be able to finish the album “, he said.


Fortunately, to her surprise, things went so well that she now enjoys making family plans, such as watching a movie together.


“But little by little I started to get used to how nice it is to be in the same place every night. Make plans like watch a movie, cook dinner with the family, and even do laundry. I know it sounds a bit silly, but when you’ve been touring the world since you were 15 years old, you no longer remember the last time you walked into a house where it smelled like fresh laundry. It’s a really relaxing and pleasant scent. It made me feel like a child again ”, he assured.


Shawn recognizes that the pandemic has made him reflect and refill his role in this world and, even, he is grateful for the pause he had to make in 2020.


“Let’s say this quarantine was the first time that I have been able to remain silent. The first time I have been able to ask myself what is happening in this world and how I feel about it. The first time I have been able to reflect on what I want to do from now on. Without a doubt, this is the best gift that anyone has given me in my entire life, “he concluded.