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The presidential candidate of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández, once again defended the link with his companion of formula, Cristina Kirchner, and questioned the electoral tour of President Mauricio Macri by stating that "he is moving around the country but does not use a single penny to calm the hunger of the Argentines. "

According to the news agency NA, Fernández rejected the possibility that differences between him and the president will arise again in case of reaching the Government and added: "They are looking for us to face each other. But we will never divide again, because if we do the one who suffers is the people. Cristina and I are the same. We are going to be frontodistas. "


In this way the presidential candidate ratified in declarations to El Destape the unit that achieved Peronism by bringing together the governors, the Kirchner militancy of La Cámpora and the Renovating Front of Sergio Massa on an electoral front, and which was re-exalted last Thursday during the act for Loyalty Day in La Pampa.

On the other hand, Fernández again described Macri as a "liar" as he did in the candidate debate last week and said: "What he said taking responsibility for the debt is outrageous. He came to lie to the Presidency and lies." .

Earlier, the Applicant of the Frente de Todos considered that Macri "acts so unscrupulously that he is on a caravan through the country but does not use a single penny to calm the hunger of the Argentines."

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Fernández alluded to the "Yes, you can" marches, the campaign modality chosen by Macri to travel through different parts of the country with the intention of tracing the defeat he suffered in the August primaries.

"It is so little serious about Macri that the only people who are afraid of it are Macri, they are afraid that Macri will follow," Fernandez said.

In this sense, he assured that the effects of the economic policy of Cambiemos are the same or worse than those of the exit of convertibility.

"The scenario is tremendous. People must understand the effort that we are all going to have to do. They don't leave us a country in motion, they leave us a country plunged, sunk, economically and socially speaking," said the winner of the primaries.

In this regard, Fernández once again pointed out against the International Monetary Fund by remarking that the economic policy of the Macri administration was carried out "because the IMF endorsed it" and added: "A compulsive spender was lent what he was lent. on August 11, 18 billion dollars have escaped from the country. "

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The candidate of the Frente de Todos explained that during the four years of the Macri government there was a devaluation of the currency of 500 percent and said: "We are the great hope that this can change, the hope that can become a reality December, with all the inconveniences that exist. "

"Putting money in your pocket is something we have to do urgently. The first thing to do is to reactivate consumption for that you have to put money in your pockets. We have to generate consumption again," he said.

In this regard, the former chief of staff explained that people should have peace of mind because "there will be a government with other priorities, and the first is the people who are having a bad time, they will have a government that takes care of work and not from speculators, "he said.