She Is Hailey Baldwin’s Friend Who Likes Justin Bieber Best

She Is Hailey Baldwin’s Friend Who Likes Justin Bieber Best

The singer revealed who is the woman with whom his wife lives most and with whom he has an excellent relationship.

It is better that Justin Bieber be discreet and try to avoid his wife’s friends and acquaintances in the coming weeks, Hailey Baldwin, because most likely a couple of them are not happy with him.


Why would it be the trouble? The singer was carried away by the emotion and answered bluntly to one of the questions asked by the presenter James cordenwhen you visited your program The Late Late Show, related to the close circle of friendships of Hailey.

Corden He asked her to classify the professional colleagues and good friends of Hailey, depending on how well you like him; Justin He did it without thinking twice. In his top he mentioned them like this: Kendall Jenner

, Gigi Hadid Y Cara Delevingne.

The singer participated in the game of Truth or challenge, in which he was going to have to eat the intimate part of a bull if he didn’t answer the question. Maybe that detail, added to the explanation he offered later about why he had chosen Kendall As your favorite, help the other models not hold too much resentment.

“We are going to talk more about it. Who I know best is Kendall, is who I have spent more time with. She is a good friend of both. I have not coincided too much with Gigi, not even with Face. I have nothing against them, it’s just that I keep more contact with Kendall“he clarified Justin.