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She Is Julieta Grajales, The Mexican Who ‘conquered’ LP In Her New Video

The actress spoke exclusively with ‘Who’ about the challenge of recording the new video of the singer, who chose a very Mexican theme for the clip.

This Thursday the New York singer Laura Pergolizzi, best known for its initials LP, released his latest video “How Low Can You Go”That in just 24 hours exceeded 200 thousand views and is starred by the Mexican actress Julieta Grajales.

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Julieta, who has participated in productions such as The lord of the skies, the taxi driver, and recently in The bandit, shared exclusively with Who his experience recording the video with the successful singer.

Juliet and LP They have been friends for years, which facilitated the interaction in the clip, where Julieta gives life to a muse who lives in the imagination of the interpreter in the story told in the song.

“It is a very curious story, because thanks to Renato López, rest in peace, I met LPWe have been friends for about three years, and I didn’t expect it; her producer wrote me and told me that she thought of me “

Although the recording was surprising for Juliet And it had some drawbacks, the actress says she is very happy to have achieved the result reflected in the clip that was recorded in Mexico and that portrays the Day of the Dead festival.

“It was super crazy, very hasty, I asked him to send me what he was going to do to prepare, that day I missed my flight and it was all chaos but I managed to record just at sunset,” he recalled.

“We recorded it in Los Cabos, it was just around the time of Day of the Dead, she has a lot of connection with Mexican culture and it shows in the video, it portrays the link between life and death and the love of that mystery, my character She is that muse who does not know if she is real or not, but everything was incredible, everything she does is incredible, “he added.

The Mexican actress said she was very happy to be able to collaborate in the clip of the successful interpreter, who, from her point of view, keeps her feet on the ground and is very simple with her followers.

“She is in the major leagues and has never lost the floor, she is super loving, she is an icon in sexual diversity, so I love being a part of this, it makes me super exciting and I think the video was incredible.”

On the theme of the video and the way the community LGBTI + has adopted the music of LP as a standard, Julieta has clear convictions: for her, love has to be free, regardless of gender.

Julieta predicts that the new single (and video) will be another success in the interpreter’s career: “I think it will be a success like everything she does, people began to react as soon as they released it on YouTube, and that has me very I am happy, especially that she has achieved her mission with such a beautiful and Mexican video, I think it speaks of her human quality, and for me it is also an acting challenge and the opportunity to do different things ”.

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