Sherlyn Demands Respect For Lucran’s Means With Her Baby

The actress is tired of the press using her pregnancy to sell

Although Sherlyn He is enjoying one of the best stages of his life (pregnancy), he decided to raise his voice and stop the press of shows that, he says, has taken advantage of his status to sell.


During an event in Mexico City, the driver and actress demanded respect from some media and asked to stop using her pregnancy to create false and unfounded notes, as happened last week when some programs said she had asked her friend Lambda Garcia who was the father of his son.

“I understand that you have to fill in and that you have to have content, but there is no time when you stop to think: ‘Hey, we are getting into something very sacred, something very important, we are giving a picture to someone who does not It has nothing to do, we are dirtying a stage that is super beautiful, ” he reproached.

“At this moment I say enough, enough that they use my name, enough that they use my pregnancy, enough that they use my son to be filling the programs with fill-in notes,” she said annoyed Sherlyn


In the same way, the actress said that, despite knowing perfectly how the entertainment industry is managed, she only asks that people have more professional and personal ethics to deal with issues such as pregnancy.

“There comes a time when the theme of the show, the theme of the scandal, having notes to fill in the programs is very good, but there comes a time when we also have to set a limit and have a personal ethic. And regardless of professional ethics, ethics as a human being, ”he considered Sherlyn.

Finally, the actress stressed that she has decided to raise her voice because in addition to the gender violence that exists in the country, the media that comment on this type of action against the celebrities should also be pointed out.

“Yes, I think it’s a time to call and say right now that we are in this strong movement for women, to protect ourselves, to take care of ourselves, violence also begins in media violence, so I think it’s a responsibility to all take care of us, respect us, ”he concluded.