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Sherlyn Reveals That She Already Has Her Baby’s Name, What a Thrill!

Sherlyn  is in the final stretch of her pregnancy and she couldn’t be happier, since almost everything is ready for the arrival of her baby . One of the things that had her busiest was finding an original name with deep meaning for her son. The soap opera actress shared with her fans that, after making a great list of names, she has finally found the one that her first-born will carry. Through her social networks, the 34-year-old artist told her fans the reason why she chose it, in addition to the meaning it has.  

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Sherlyn shared to her that her baby’s name is of Greek origin

“I have something very important to share with you. Although I have told you that it was very difficult for me to find our baby’s name, we finally have it. His name is of Greek origin and means the one who is brave and manly ”, explained the actress. ” André. It has no diminutives, just as I dreamed it. I love it, I don’t know about you ”.

“This handsome man who has lived in my soul, my heart, my love and my body for 9 months, today finally has a name: André, our baby,” added Sherlyn, who already created the Instagram account of her little one. The baby’s account is registered as @andrenuestrobebe and a few hours after it was created, it has more than 15 thousand followers.

“ANDRÉ. His name is André. The man who came to change everything and turned my world into a place of rainbows, colorful sunsets, rain of light and shine. I love you, dear son, God knows how many places I spoke to you about you on my knees. Today, my beloved André, there is very little to see my heaven, “he wrote on his profile along with a video he shared on his profile.

© @ sherlyny

With this beautiful image, Sherlyn announced the name of her son

It is a matter of days before the actress from novels like A lucky family introduces us to her prince, what a thrill!

Difficulties on the way

This week, the actress shared one of her biggest concerns. She just found out that the hospital where she planned to give birth to her son was at its maximum capacity with coronavirus cases. This situation led her to seek, at the last minute, a new doctor, as well as another medical center for the big day. In his stories , ‘Sher’ shared this bad experience, in which his mom was by his side at all times.


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