Sherlyn Shares Amazing Audios With Revealing Details About Two Former Partners

Sherlyn shares amazing audios with revealing details about two former partners | Instagram

Recently Sherlyn audios leaked revealing the bisexuality of a famous boyfriend.

After sharing some audios on WhatsApp to a "friend" in which the actress confesses the heartbreak of two of her former partners and also shares some details.


Among them, as he found vibrators and sex toys in the personal things of one of them, is betrayed by the same individual.

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The guy shared on his Twitter account, two of the audios that Sherlyn had sent him privately in detail, asking for his opinion as to what decisions he should make.

Almost instantaneously, once they came to the public light, the two publications that contain these audios, already exceed 2.2 k of reproductions, because naturally, the morbidity of users of this and other social networks, are at agenda to learn about the private life of public figures.

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Despite her beauty and talent, Sherlyn has not had much luck in love, because their relationships have always ended badly.

His most recent romances were with Paco Zea, with whom he was engaged, and with singer José Luis Roma, from Río Roma, who reveals his bisexuality.

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Thanks to some audios that leaked, the reason she ended up with those two courtships was revealed, which were leaked by TV Notes magazine.

On the other hand, the Mexican actress and journalist were about to get married when she discovered an infidelity and it was over.

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Thus the actress expressed herself in one of the audios she sent.

Paco and I had a lot of boyfriend time, we were very happy and had an engagement ring. We were getting married and suddenly I was surprised that she has literal pornographic photos of an old woman.

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According to what is heard, he assured him that nothing happened and that it was only a "sexting" (sending text messages from mobile phones); However, trust was lost and that affected the relationship so the actress is still single again.

Here you can listen to the audios click on it

Here you can listen to the second audio click on it