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Shipwreck In San Diego Reveals Risks Of Human Trafficking

San Diego – A trailer crashes into an SUV at a remote highway intersection in the California desert, killing 13 of 25 people in the Ford Expedition.

A man hangs a young girl atop a border wall near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, allowing her to fall flat on her face before he disappears in Mexico.

A 40-foot cabin boat overloaded with 32 people capsizes just off the coast of San Diego, resulting in the death of three people. The others survived, but one of them is in critical condition.

The incidents, which occurred over the past two months, reveal how smugglers subject migrants to extraordinary dangers in order to make a profit, whether in cars, on foot or at sea.

The Coast Guard suspended its search for survivors of the San Diego shipwreck on Monday, which occurred on a clear Sunday morning near the tide pools of Cabrillo National Monument, a popular site with tourists and hikers.

All the people on the boat were Mexicans without permission to reside in the United States, except for two: a Guatemalan, also without a residence permit, and an American identified as the pilot, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said on Monday. its acronym in English). Among the 28 people in CBP custody are a 15-year-old traveling alone and 21 men and six women whose ages range from 18 to 39.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations indicated that the Mexican passengers were being handed over to the US immigration authorities to be returned to their country.

The SUV crash happened in March. Authorities said it was one of two crowded vehicles that entered the United States through an opening in the border wall.

The girl in the incident in New Mexico is believed to have been dumped into the country by a smuggler and survived the fall.


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