Shirley Douglas Actress, Activist And Mother Of Actor Loses Her Life

Shirley Douglas actress, activist and mother of actor loses her life | Instagram

Shirley Douglas, a passionate Canadian actress, activist and veteran, lost her life at age 86 last dmingo.

The also mother of the actor Kiefer Sutherland and daughter of the founder of the medicare in Canada Tommy Douglas succumbed to health complications, which are worth mentioning were not related to the coronavirus.


The news was released through her daughter herself who shared an emotional message on Twitter to what was alive Shirley Douglas.

My mother was an extraordinary woman who lived an extraordinary life, ”said Sutherland. “Sadly, he was fighting for a long time for his health and we, as a family, knew that this day was near.”

Very sad to hear about the death of Canadian actress and social justice icon #ShirleyDouglas today .I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with her at her house years ago when she was looking at art to buy for her home in the outer beaches area of Toronto. A friend had suggested she look at some of my work, but most of the afternoon was spent with us chatting about everything from her stint studying abroad at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to our mutual bafflement at how so many people seem to have a phobia of eating alone in public (obviously neither of us did). Her health was already declining and was in the process of moving her bedroom to the ground floor of her house as the stairs and her general mobility were already becoming an issue. Despite that, she was charming and warm and entertained me with lots of stories about her life as we sat in her backyard enjoying a drink together and relaxing in the fresh air. I later learned of her relentless activism against the Vietnam war and and advocacy for the #blackpanther movement with the FBI imprisoning her for 5 days for allegedly trying to purchase hand grenades for the Panthers. This ended #up costing her her work permit in the #unitedstates and was forced to leave, returning to Canada to raise her three children, Kiefer, Rachel and Thomas, as a single mom, now divorced from another Canadian icon #donaldsutherland. Nevermind the fact that her father Premier #TommyDouglas is the reason we enjoy single payer universal healthcare … He was also declared #thegreatestcanadian of all time in 2004, rating higher than Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau and Sir Frederick Banting. Truly grateful I got to meet this extraordinary woman who led an extraordinary life. Rest in Peace Ms. Douglas …. you and you’re family’s incredible contribution to Canadian culture and society will never be forgotten #shirleyjeandouglas #canadianroyalty #socialactivist #canadianicon #kiefersutherland #rachelsutherland #classy #independentwoman #personalhero #rip #thomasemilsicks # trailblazer

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Shirley presented a severe picture of pneumonia derived from the health complications she presented, unfortunately she could not overcome the crisis.

Douglas was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan on April 2, 1934, worked with directors including Stanley Kubrick (“Lolita”) and David Cronenberg (“Dead Ringers”, or in Spanish “Once in a lifetime”), and received a Gemini Award for her performance in the 1999 TV movie “Shadow Lake.” She also dedicated part of her life to supporting a wide variety of causes throughout her life, including the civil rights movement, the organization Black Panther politics and the fight to save Canada’s public health system, which was promoted by his political father.

It is worth mentioning that from an early age he showed interest in the arts, as well as in politics while following the course of the campaign with his father, who became head of government of Saskatchewan, national leader of the New Democratic Party and a socialist icon .

Shirley Douglas, an extraordinary woman, actress, activist, fearless. We had the honor to interview Mrs. Douglas as recipient of the International Achievement Award honored at the Women in Film & Television ‘s 2009 Crystal Awards. Elegant, charismatic, intelligent, funny. So sorry to hear of her passing. Condolences to family, friends and fans! Post of interview to come, in edit. She was delightful, a beautiful Canadian !! #iconicactress #shirleydouglas #Wift # wift-t #crystalawards #keifersutherland #theater #actor #toronto #activist #filmcommto

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He enrolled at the Banff School of Fine Arts and later at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in England, where he did theater and television and participated in anti-nuclear marches.

While living in California, in the 1960s and ’70s, he participated in campaigns against the Vietnam War and protested various causes.

She helped establish a fundraising group called Friends of the Black Panthers. Her support of the group caused controversy and she was denied a work permit in the United States, and in 1969 she was charged with an illicit association for possessing explosives. not registered. Eventually her court case was dismissed and she was exonerated.

She co-founded the first chapter in Canada of the group Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament.

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And above all, she was an advocate of medicare in Canada. He spoke of the importance of a universal health system virtually every time he could and put pressure on government officials

Douglas married Canadian actor Donald Sutherland in 1965 with whom he fathered two children prior to their divorce: the twins Rachel, a television producer, and Kiefer, a renowned film and TV actor themselves who shared their father with Thomas Fruit. from a previous marriage by his father.

For her part, Douglas during her acting career was nominated for two other Canadian Arts Awards for her leading role in the series “Wind at My Back”, and as lead actress in the movie “Passage of the Heart”.

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Asimism, she was recognized as an officer of the Order of Canada, one of the nation’s greatest honors and ultimately her induction into the Walk of Fame.