Signs That Aislinn And Mauricio’s Relationship Was Already In Crisis

Several users of social networks have evidenced that for some time the marriage had problems.

A few weeks ago, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann They were surprised to share through Instagram that they had indeed made the decision to “stop the relationship.” After this news, rumors about the reasons for their separation have been unleashed and several Internet users have collected some evidence that shows that their relationship was in crisis for a long time.


In social networks some moments were evidenced that, although they seemed unimportant, showed some disagreements between the couple. Also, on more than one occasion, Aislinn He recognized having an explosive character, and even went so far as to say that he did not know how he endured it Mauricio.

In one of the videos that gained strength again, the couple is shown preparing their luggage to go on vacation with the entire Derbez family in 2019. During the clip, which was recorded by Mauricio, this one asks Aislinn if she is ready for the trip, to which she replies no, because she lacks things to pack.

“The truth is that I started packing for a long time, but for some reason, like I never finished. So, yes, I am a little worried and I get that craving,” you hear people say. Aislinn in the video that was published on the official Instagram account of the reality show Traveling with the Derbez.

Mauricio He intervenes and, apparently as a joke, comments: “You never even end up at home”, to which Aislinn He replies: “Yes, I never finish, oh my God, you are always bothering me.”

Also, when her daughter was born Kailani, Aislinn He confessed to having gone through an emotional crisis and postpartum depression, which affected him in various emotional aspects in his life.

During the trip they made to Morocco, many differences of the family were revealed Derbez, in general, and the marriage of Aislinn and Mauricio was no exception. One of those moments was when the daughter of Eugenio Derbez, visibly distressed and upset, she told her husband that she felt she was collapsing and needed a time out (time out).

On another occasion, also in Morocco, Aislinn She went through distressing moments, because, at first, she confessed that traveling with a baby was very difficult, in fact, both had many difficulties at night to sleep Kailani, and consequently, they did not sleep well either, which kept them irritated. During the series it was shown how the actress had a conversation with Mauricio, and he ended up saying that he needed to learn to control his emotions.

More than a year ago, Aislinn Derbez He opened his heart recognizing that, as in all couples, their marriage had also had difficult and very tense moments, but Mau was a great support for her, and despite experiencing difficult mood and hormonal changes, he was always at the foot of the Canyon.