Silvia Navarro Explains Why She Does Not Show Her Son, León In Networks

The actress assures that she is very respectful of the privacy of León, who does not like to be photographed.

Most sacred to Silvia Navarro it’s your son Lion (product of his relationship with the businessman Gerardo Casanova). So when it comes to showing it on your social media, you think twice before hitting the publish button.


And, the actress revealed that it is not her, but the little one, so she prefers to protect her privacy before sharing with her followers any image in which he appears. Although she also recognizes that she is not very good at taking photos of her family life, which she will use for social networks.

“I am very bad at those things. The truth is that for me, I would teach them all day, but I also believe that it is not my life, it is the life of León, “he assured.

“I am deeply proud of each small or great achievement that is immense to me, and every day I see it more beautiful, and every day I see it more handsome and smarter, but precisely as I do not know (if the child wants me to share it or not), I reserve myself “, he assured Silvia Navarro to the program Today.

The actress also confesses that there are times when she has not been able to resist the temptation to share a photo of her son, who was born on September 7, 2015. And then he does. “I also like it, sometimes I let it go and I say good now … but well, León is the best,” he says.

A year ago the actress had told various media how The sun rises that your child does not like to be photographed.
“I would love to share more, but he doesn’t like it. I take care of your privacy. From a very young age it is clear and it was from ‘I don’t want to? (have your photos taken) ”.

In that occasion Silvia Navarro did not rule out the idea of ​​giving a brother to Lion .
“You see, I’m not trustworthy in that answer. I like my time and my space with León, I think we are both very well like this, but you never know, “he assured.