Silvia Pinal Reveals Her Relationship With Enrique Guzmán

Over the weekend, the actress and singer appeared together at the christening of Apollo, her only male grandson, the son of Luis Enrique.

After releasing a photograph in which Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán reappear together at the christening of his grandson ApolloIt was the actress who shared some details of the meeting that took place last weekend.


In interview for the program The sun rises, the call Last Diva of Mexican Cinema He commented that this is not the first time that he has communicated with his ex-partner, despite the fact that some months ago they were involved in a war of declarations, after the bioseries came to light. Silviaa, in which the physical abuse suffered by the singer was revealed.

“We have always had (communication), because we have children, we have grandchildren, we have people who are protected and contemplated by us,” he explained. Pinal.

The interpreter confessed that both she and Enrique Guzmán They have a good relationship and now they are united by the happiness of the birth of their only male grandson.

“Very well, very happy, seeing the precious child, who is very beautiful, very healthy, very nice, and everyone went to Acapulco, now it was me who stayed to take care of the house,” he said. Silvia

Apollo Alexander, the first male grandson of the singer and actress, was born on August 30, 2019 and is the result of the marriage of Luis Enrique Guzmán Y Mayela Laguna.

At the celebration, organized in Mexico City, was present Alexandra Guzmán, who was chosen by her brother to be the godmother of Apollo Alexander. The baby has two older sisters, Schersa Y Giordana Guzmán; The first is a professional tattoo artist and the second studies jewelry design.

For what you have stated Silvia Pinal In some interviews, the boy has brought the family the happiness they lack. For example, a few days after birth, the film diva expressed the program Selling: “(I’m) happy and fascinated because it was many years since I had a little boy here at home. It is beautiful, I am seeing it; what a pretty thing”.