Silvia Pinal Talks About The Rumors That She Has Alzheimer’s

The first actress also shared the protection measures that follow in the face of the health crisis that is experienced around the world.

Given the rumors that have been circulating for a few months about the health of the first actress, Silvia Pinal , in which he claims that, among other things, he suffers from Alzheimer’s, the film and television star responded with a forceful message.

In interview with the show program First hand, the matriarch of the dynasty Pinal He assured that he is perfectly, after a few weeks ago he was hospitalized due to an infection in the bladder and, sarcastically, he highlighted the possibility of studies to end this rumor.

“What do I have Alzheimer’s disease? Well, I don’t know, tests must be done to make sure they are happy that I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease,” said the actress, who recently appeared in a photograph living with her ex-husband. Enrique Guzmán at the christening of his grandson, Apollo.

In addition, on the measures it takes in the face of the health crisis faced by several countries after the World Health Organization (WHO) decreed the coronavirus as a pandemic, Pinal

She stated that, although it is not the idea, she remains locked in her house.

“Being in my house, yes, it is not the idea, but I have not gone anywhere, I am careful with nothing else,” said the actress known as lthe last Diva of Mexican Cinema.

“I feel good, I’m at home watching what I do and if I go out, I go out with the care that I have to go out because right now everything is very strange.

After she was hospitalized for bladder problems, her mother Alejandra Guzmán He explained that she is completely recovered so she does not have the need to be in constant medical reviews.

“Not really, I don’t need them (medical check-ups) when I feel like I need to see the doctor, obviously I’m going to see him, but that’s how I constantly star with the doctor, no, fortunately,” he said.

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