Silvia Pinal Will Stay In The Hospital For Two Days

Actress Sylvia Pasquel confirmed to Who that the doctor informed her that her mother has an inflammation in the bladder, so she will stay under observation.

Silvia Pinal, the last diva of Mexican cinema, felt bad in the afternoon so he entered a hospital south of Mexico City, where he will remain the rest of the weekend to be medically valued, as confirmed by Who her daughter, the actress Sylvia Pasquel, in a telephone interview.


In a calm voice, Sylvia assured that the doctor informed him that the first actress will receive the corresponding treatment: “They will give her medications to deflate and now, but she is very well.” For the moment Pinal

He will remain under the care of the doctor, but his daughter insisted that “she is calm.”

This is not the first time that Dona Silvia She has to remain hospitalized, in March 2019 she was under observation for seven days, due to multifocal pneumonia, after that time she was discharged and was able to continue with antibiotics at home. On that occasion even his ex-partner Enrique Guzman was aware of the health of the muse of Luis Buñuel.