Silvio Romero, From a Comeback To Cruz Azul, To Fall Against 9 Racing

Editorial Half Time

Mexico City / 12.02.2020 10:24:46

Silvio Romero gave his face to the media to explain the reasons for the defeat of Independiente against a Racing that only had nine men in the field, a defeat that left Red beaten.


“We are very embarrassed, we were not up to what we were playing and left us a big sequel as a group because we feel we failed as a group. We failed people. We made a self-criticism, we told ourselves what we had to say,” he said. the Chinese.

The former Jaguars of Chiapas and America in the MX League, pointed out that the Independent players must resume their course, adding that extra-field situations should not affect them, punctually the issue of late payments.

“We were doing very good things and the other day we did not do them, we cannot allow it again … The issue of debts is being solved.”

It is worth remembering that Romero starred in one of the great comebacks of the Eagles against Cruz Azul, because on Day 8 of the 2017 Opening the celestial went up 3-0 in the first half, but at the start of the second half Aldo Leao was expelled Ramírez and the whole story changed.

Oribe Peralta opened the can, Pablo Aguilar added another goal and the Chinese dressed as a hero when scoring a double; the second of his goals came when the party agonized, unleashing the madness of the bluecream bias in the Blue Stadium.