Singer Óscar Chávez Died

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Óscar Chávez, 83, posed for the cameras.

The entertainment world is once again dressed in mourning, this time after the death of singer Óscar Chávez became known.


The performer, considered one of the most representative voices in protest music, died Thursday at the age of 85.

This was revealed by several media, such as the newspaper Milenio, from Mexico, where it was claimed that the artist’s cause of death was COVID-19.

Óscar Chávez died, for possible covid-19The life of the musician Óscar Chávez who was also an actor and poet, was full of memorable episodes; died this Thursday at age 85. #MilenioHey! Subscribe to our channel: Follow our LIVE 24 hours a day: Site: http: // www / Fb: https: // TW: 15: 25.000Z

Chávez was hospitalized last Wednesday, after suffering severe health problems related to the coronavirus.

The king of the trova, as many called him, leaves a great void between the followers of his music and the lyrics of his songs, with a rather profound message.

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The Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), issued a statement after the singer’s death, warning that the artist died “of covid-19 pneumonitis.”

“He was hospitalized with a picture of frank respiratory distress, with attack on the general state and classic symptoms that suggested coronavirus,” they added in his letter.

MACONDO (ORIGINAL) OSCAR CHAVEZMACONDO, Authorship: Daniel Camino Díez Canseco, 1969. Interpreter: Oscar Chavez, from his own versions, this is the first.2011-11-14T20: 52: 41.000Z

The Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Fraustro, and the First Mexican Lady Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, who admired Chávez’s music, confirmed the death of the singer and regretted his departure.

“A fighting voice never fades, thanks Óscar Chávez, your life was a journey worthy of you” Fraustro said on his Twitter

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The name of Óscar Chávez began to be polished in the 70s, when the lyrics of his songs enchanted both locals and strangers and became the walking voice of many who could not express themselves.

In the 80s he gained greater prominence and was nicknamed “El Caifán Mayor”, and his themes began to be part of the workers’ struggle as well as the motto of union movements and also of university youth.

Before knowing his death, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador had referred to the singer, sending him a message of encouragement.

“In a special way I send a message, a hug to Óscar Chávez, who was interned yesterday, and so many others, to all, our fraternal hug to get ahead,” said AMLO at a press conference.