Sister-in-law Of The Peruvian President Denies Accusation Of Corruption

Sister-in-law Of The Peruvian President Denies Accusation Of Corruption

The Supervisory Commission of the Peruvian Congress questioned this Friday for more than two and a half hours Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president, Pedro Castillo, who is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly offering a sanitation work in Cajamarca, the native region of the president. .

During her speech before the parliamentary group, Paredes, who was raised as a daughter by the presidential couple, gave details about her relationship with businessman Hugo Espino and denied having interfered in the contracts he won with the government, although she acknowledged that she did. worked for your company.

Likewise, she assured that “because she is the president’s family” she is now unemployed and criticized the “scandal” generated “by doing a job.”


“I am a person who has studied, graduated from the national university and I have the right to work. Not because I am a family of the president, of the first lady, that right is taken away from me,” he declared.

Paredes went last Tuesday to the Lima Prosecutor’s Office to be questioned about this case, after an investigation was opened for alleged influence peddling.

This emerged from a journalistic report by the América Televisión network, which broadcast a video in which the president’s sister-in-law spoke with residents of a community in the district of Chota, in Cajamarca, to inform them that he needed to register them to build a sanitation work.

In the images, Paredes, supposedly accompanied by the first lady, appears together with Hugo Espino, who is the legal representative of the company JJM Espino Engineering & Construction SAC, which in September 2021 won a tender with the State for more than 3.8 million of soles (almost a million dollars).

In addition, the journalistic program detailed that Espino registered five visits to the Government Palace between August and November of last year, one of them with Paredes and the president’s wife.

Paredes worked for Espino

In his speech before the Oversight Commission, which is chaired by Fujimori congressman Héctor Ventura, Paredes explained that he had known Espino since 2019 and that he started working for him in August 2021, which is why the businessman “usually” visited the Palace of Government.

The sister of the first lady, Lilia Paredes, specified that the contract she had with Espino’s company was “verbal” and that her salary was 1,500 soles per month (382 dollars).

She assured that in the images broadcast by the journalistic program she was carrying out her work for the JJM Espino company, which was about “taking a census of the population, collecting statistical data on the population to see if it was feasible to carry out a project.”

Paredes denied knowing if that information was sent to any state entity because this “was not within her responsibility” and affirmed that the first lady never met with Espino at the Government Palace.

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