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Fatima Poggi, Giselle Amelunge, Gladys Ruiz, Navil Rox, Vikina López and Yennis Bencosme are the six semifinalists who are one step away from being crowned Queen of the Song. The Peruvian, the Bolivian, the Mexican, the Puerto Rican, the Ecuadorian and the Cuban managed to overcome not only the challenges that were imposed on the stage, but each step (and even one or another slip) they have taken within the talent show , and now they are channeled into the definitive competition: from which the next great star of Latin music will result.

Mass elimination: relive the three most disturbing moments of Reina de la Canción


This Sunday, the drama reached its highest level after three participants were eliminated and should say goodbye forever on stage. But not only that, the girls revealed stories never before told, that of Marie Antoinette Collins was the most marked, mainly in Gladys Ruiz, who told how the violent, but heroic, death of her father happened.

But, in addition, Yennis Bencosme starred in the most stressful moment of the night, after we learned that one of the dancers refused to share a performance with her.

But, let's go to the beginning.

Alejandra Espinoza revealed the name: Melaner Quiroz was the first eliminated from this show.

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The show started with the return of the "death duels". The first was between Aimée Miranda and Yennis Bencosme, who sang the success of Natti Natasha and Thalía 'I don't remember'. The audience applauded effusively and, although the Dominican judge praised Aimée saying that when he sees her on the stage "he feels like dancing with her", he wants to see her again as when he sang 'Bang Bang'. He was congratulated by Yennis for being one of the sharpest contestants; however, he asked him not to be trusted.

The second meeting was between Giselle Amelunge and Gladys Ruiz, who had some friction during the rehearsals, when the Mexican confessed that she hoped that the Bolivian did not repeat the mistakes she made in the past. However, the interpretation of 'Love' left Joss Favela with a good taste, although one asked him not to be eclipsed and the other stressed that he had made mistakes again.

The next to go on stage were Wanda López and Fatima Poggi, who were responsible for singing the popular theme of Wisin, Carlos Vives and Daddy Yankee 'Love note'. The person in charge of evaluating this performance was Olga Tañón, who praised the musical number, but not before advising Poggi not to be trusted for having been the best of the previous week. Wanda was asked to return to the emotion he showed in the first show.

The last performance was in charge of Navil Rox and Vikina, who performed Daddy Yankee's 'Dura'. It was precisely the executive producer in charge of criticizing this musical number, the 'Big Boss' described this performance as "the simplicity of the complex", both were celebrated for having done so well. Still, Vikina was asked to surprise him more and to Navil to work on his intonation.

It was after this first round of singing that it became known that those who had done better would be defined, one of the least outstanding would be the elimination. The winners of this musical show were Aimée Miranda, Gladys Ruiz, Navil Rox and Fátima Poggi. Then Daddy Yankee announced that with his work team he had decided to let another participant go, due to his "lack of aptitude, humility and evolution."

Once Wanda López was out of the competition, and with only seven participants in the competition, the DY Challenge started now: the participants would relive the greatest super productions of the Univision awards ceremonies.

The first to go to the stage was Fatima. After her interpretation of 'Your love is good for me', a success that Marc Anthony sang in 2014 Lo Lo Prize, the public cheered her in such a way that Daddy Yankee celebrated her connection with the public.

The Peruvian was followed by the Mexican Gladys Ruiz, who had to sing José El's "Sad", minutes after showing the most vulnerable part of her life: the murder of her father. Although Gladys tried to overcome, she could not prevent the emotion from taking over her performance at the beginning of the musical number. However, little by little he was composing. Olga Tañón could not hide the tears caused by this story.

After this emotional moment, Yennis Bencosme arrived on stage. The Cuban participant would not only sing 'Downtown', by Anitta, but also starred in one of the most tense moments of the night, after a video was shown in which the 19-year-old had been accused of speaking to a dancer with bad words, because, according to the young participant, he almost dropped it last Sunday.

Such was the reaction of the judges to see this video, which changed the countenance of all. Olga Tañón lamented that he had dropped an idol. Meanwhile, embarrassed, regretful and non-stop crying, Yennis apologized to the dancer, the judges, the audience, the whole world. At this point Daddy Yankee explained the importance of having a good attitude. The executive producer even confessed that although Wanda was one of his favorites, he had to react to the complaints of his team.

Now it was the turn of Vikina, who performed 'Come and dance', by Jennifer Lopez. Descending from a cage, while rocking on a swing and after being surrounded by eight dancers, in front of explosions of dry smoke, the participant with ancestry from Ecuador and Cuba, the participant got Joss Favela to get up from his place and praise her by saying that everything he had done that night was precisely what a true artist would have done.

The "Miss 305" was so happy, she cried with joy.

After being saved by the public and once he managed to stay in the competition, Giselle returned to embody a rock singer, this time by singing 'My worst mistake' by Alejandra Guzmán. Unfortunately, the Bolivian again had a delay at the entrance. Although the public did not stop cheering, the judges agreed that, at this point in the competition, he could not continue making such mistakes.

The final performances were ready to perform: Aimée Miranda took the stage to sing "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull. As it had been happening in the last shows, the judges asked him to put more flavor to his presentations, and it is that, the judges agreed, "this was a super production that lacked projection".

The last number was in charge of Navil Rox. She had to interpret 'La Gasolina'. Mounted in a car, the Puerto Rican participant appeared on the scene, ready to relive that performance in which Daddy Yankee drove the Univision audience crazy. The executive producer was in charge of emphasizing this number, he said that, although his voice was very beautiful, instead of having put "premium gasoline" seemed to have started his performance with regular gasoline.

Latin America is at home, meet the six semifinalists of Reina de la Canción

Once again the girls went on stage. Ready to hear the decision of the judges, who were ready to announce the name of the last expelled from the night. Olga, Natti, Joss and DY agreed that the eliminated would be Aimée Miranda; the four explained that the Ecuadorian had not evolved as they expected. With eyes full of tears, the young woman withdrew, but not before taking a hug from the host of the program, Alejandra Espinoza.

There were only six contestants left. Although in some faces there was happiness, others looked sad and even frustrated; However, Daddy Yankee congratulated them, reminded them that, officially, they were the six semifinalists of Queen of the Song. Some burst into tears, others jumped in excitement and all embraced.

However, it was again in charge of the public to choose their favorite, the six sentenced were ready to receive the votes of their followers, who would decide who would continue to fulfill their dream of becoming Queen of the Song.

Remember that there are only two shows left to decide who is the Queen of the Song. We are waiting for you next Sunday, November 17 to listen to the young performers performing a song specially made for each of them. Don't miss the semifinal at 8 PM/7C by Univision.