Smugglers Open Gaps That Allow Migrants To Enter Trump's New Border Wall | Univision Immigration News

In recent months they have found gaps in sections of the new border wall the Trump administration is building, sources told The Washington Post. They presume that they are made by smugglers with tools as simple as saws to allow the passage of people and drug shipments.

According to agents who know about the damage and spoke on condition of anonymity, when this utensil – which costs no more than $ 100 – is equipped with special blades, it can cut the steel from its base and the concrete barriers in minutes. Once they do that they can push the steel bars aside and allow a person to pass through the remaining space. They ensure that coyotes can even break the barrier in less time on the previous wall.

The construction of the new wall went from being a Trump campaign offer in a symbol of his management as president and of which he speaks insistently at his rallies and writes on his social networks. And in his speeches he has presumed that the barrier is "virtually impenetrable" and that it will be ready before the 2020 presidential elections.


According to sources consulted by the Post, Mexican criminal organizations have an enormous capacity to adapt their operations to the new obstacles and measures taken by the United States government at the border. Since previous years it has been known that they improvise stairs with bars to move migrants to the United States and have even placed platforms and tried to pass cars. That regardless of the accidents that may occur.

So far the government has not discussed the issue of damage to the new structure and the sources cited by the newspaper could not specify how many times they have found the gaps. The Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) refused to give this information to the newspaper. What the officials consulted in anonymity did explain is that, in general, the damages have been found in areas where the motion sensors that usually alert the Border Patrol have not been installed from where they are trying to cross illegally.

Although these gaps have been found, officials explained to the Post that the structure that is being built is of a higher quality than the barrier that already existed. They also said that one of the advantages of the new material is that damaged panels can be easily replaced or repaired.

"The posters will continue to innovate and will not leave San Diego just because the wall is better. That's life on the border," Ronald Vitiello, a former Border Patrol chief, told the Post, who believes that if the Democrats in Congress would have approved the funds, better materials could have been used to stop those who damage the wall.

The government of Donald Trump, speaking of a crisis of undocumented migrants crossing the border, has been able to redirect for the wall a budget of $ 3.6 billion that was for the construction of military projects. The new border barrier will expand 174 miles and will cover areas of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told a federal court in early August that it plans to eventually replace almost 44 miles of fences with 30-foot steel plates, creating a barrier that encompasses parks and protected areas, something that will affect the wildlife that lives on both sides of the border.

Trump stamps his signature on what he called the "Rolls Royce version" of the border wall in California (photos)


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