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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has attacked until today about 85 regulations designed to protect the environment, according to a medium.

An analysis by the US chain CNBC reveals that Trump has taken unprecedented measures to push back some 85 environmental standards that aim to protect air, water, land and public health from climate change and fossil fuel pollution.

The media has specified the five most significant changes made or proposed over the past year: The first, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in August plans to weaken federal rules on methane control – a powerful greenhouse gas linked to climate change – which prohibited the release of this in new drilling wells, pipes and storage facilities.


Similarly, in September, the US It repealed a rule that limited the amount of pollution and chemicals in the country's rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, a measure that could damage drinking water sources and wildlife habitats.

The North American channel also pointed to an August announcement in which Trump announced changes in the Endangered Species Act, complicating the protection of threatened animals and plants.

In addition, the White House prepared this year to soften regulations on car emissions that contribute to global warming, by arguing economic and safety reasons, confirms the CNBC.

In this regard, the US introduced a regulation in June that aimed to keep coal plants open longer, which gives states more power to control greenhouse emissions.

Donald Trump has broken or broken agreements

Trump's measures are not limited to environmental issues. Since he assumed the presidency of the United States. In 2017, the Republican magnate has unilaterally withdrawn his country from several international agreements.

In June 2017, the US president announced that the United States was no longer part of the Paris Agreement, signed by 195 countries around the world in order to reduce global warming.

Then, in May 2018, Washington reported the withdrawal of the United States from the Iranian nuclear agreement, officially named Integrated Joint Action Plan (PIAC or JCPOA).

Trump also officially retired last August to the United States. of the Treaty of Nuclear Forces of Intermediate Alance (INF), signed in 1987 with the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR); a pact that guaranteed, to some extent, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.




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