So You Can Know If Someone Has Your Number Saved In WhatsApp

Currently, WhatsApp has not only become the most popular instant messaging application in the world, but also one of the most frequent means of communicating.

And maybe there are tens or hundreds of messages you send daily through this platform, whose recipients are friends, family or co-workers.

However, there are people with whom you do not interact, but possibly have your number added in WhatsApp.


If someone has saved you among their contacts on WhatsApp it was possible to think that we could not know unless they sent us a message. However, there is a little trick with which we can find out if there is anyone effectively has our number without us having any idea.

You just have to create a new broadcast list by adding all your contacts and groups. Then you have to send a message through this list and wait for the majority to read it.

Once you have done so, click on the message for a few seconds and choose the info option. This is where you can see who has read and received it and see if any number sounds strange to you.

And when you send this list, the message reaches everyone who has your WhatsApp number added to their contacts, even those we don't know.

From there we can block them if we want, or find out who they are before taking action. But at least with this trick we can decide what we do about it.