Soccer Stadium Opens In San Cristobal

Soccer Stadium Opens In San Cristobal

Scotiabank Dominican Republic has launched the Scotiabank Fútbol Club platform. The platform has been successfully implemented in Latin America and Caribbean countries where banks are present.

By doing so, it aims to promote essential values ​​such as respect, teamwork, integrity and determination in the lives of boys, girls and young people, while developing other skills in essential ways.

“The platform we are launching today aims to create a space for inclusion by inviting all children and young people onto the field. Football is a highly accomplished sport, with moments of reflection and strategy. and it is undoubtedly very beneficial to the lives of those who practice football.”


The activity was attended by Carles Puyol, a famous former football player and former captain of FC Barcelona. And now the platform’s ambassador says: Today, we are more proud than ever to work with Scotiabank to make a positive impact on Dominican society. “

The Scotiabank Football Club platform consists of five strategic programs. Partnerships with children’s national championships, soccer fields, Scotiabank Red Balls, football and community programs.

Scotiabank Children’s National Championship

This is one of the largest youth tournaments in the Dominican Republic and an ideal venue to create connections between the youngest and the community at large.

“On September 17th, we kicked off the first Scotiabank Children’s National Championship in the U-11 mixed category with public and private school teams and community teams. It will be held in four cities: Santo Domingo, San Cristobal and Santiago, with a grand finale in Punta Cana, with a total of 48 mixed-sex teams from this country and a total of 480 players.” said Danilo De La Pava, Director of Scotiabank Fútbol Club Platform.

soccer field

Scotiabank contributes to the development of local sports by building and/or renovating football fields in communities with significant socio-economic challenges. An example of this is the football field that was opened by him on land provided by the mayor’s office of the city of San Cristobal and donated to the state of San Cristobal. This is the first time the World Bank has built one in the country. Scotiabank hopes to continue to develop more areas in the Dominican Republic in the future.

red ball

In partnership with the One World Play Project, creators of unbreakable soccer balls, Scotiabank donated 180 balls to benefit over 3,500 athletes from soccer clubs in over 15 states across the country. brought. It aims to motivate young people and children with limited resources to overcome challenges and adversity through the practice of this sport. The ball is designed with special technology to withstand damage caused by weather conditions and playing fields (street, beach, mountain, training field).

FútbolNet – Football Festival

FútbolNet is implemented in collaboration with the Barça Foundation. Use football and other related activities as a tool for education, inclusion and strengthening values ​​(including respect, tolerance and teamwork). It aims to promote reflection to improve the lives of children and young people in vulnerable situations, with the support of his club’s coaches, physical trainers and ambassadors of Barcelona Football in different regions of the country. .

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