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Social Networks Are Flooded With Messages To Fire Otto De La Rocha

After the death this afternoon, of the Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Otto de la Rocha, author of great national pieces such as Managua, Linda Managua, La Pelo de Maiz, A song, among other great musical works, social networks were flooded with messages to wish him a good trip to this dear and respected artist.

Singer-songwriter, composer and radio actor, Don Otto Benjamín de la Rocha López, first name, stood out for the characterization of his character Aniceto Prieto and for his radio program Lencho Catarrán, making even the most serious laugh out loud.

Otto de la Rocha, a native of Jinotega, died as a result of diseases that have plagued him for a long time, confirmed Rosario Murillo, vice president of Nicaragua. He had been hospitalized for several days in the Military Hospital.

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Murillo, in communication with the official media, said that De la Rocha “fought heroic battles” for the last four years of his life. He had prostate cancer. «One cannot regret a whole life dedicated to art, music, popular music, the people of Nicaragua. On the contrary, we have to celebrate the life of Otto de la Rocha because we believe in eternal life because we know that Otto was a gift from God, “said Murillo.

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Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Luis Pastor wrote on his Facebook account. «My heart mourns your departure, dear Don Otto. Here you stay with us forever ».

For his part, Juan Solórzano, who on several occasions shared the stage with Don Otto de la Rocha, expressed: “Otto de la Rocha, with whom I was united not only by love for Nicaragua and its music, the donuts and the coffee in his house, his soft voice and the anecdotes and the laughter of his “this is Juanchito” laugh, today flew towards the firmament to the Father’s house, his friends will receive him with guitars and marimbas! I will Always Love You!”.

The chontaleña and impersonator of voices Betzy Lagos Borge dismissed him with these words: «I had the honor of meeting him, living with him, joking and scrubbing on his show,” Pepsi came to hell for a while, don’t go “. You will always have my respect, a legend.! The great Aniceto Prieto ».

The members of La Cuneta Son Machin also remembered the composer and singer-songwriter. «Don Otto de la Rocha, at 87 years old, left us” well pulled “as the Nicaraguans say. Lencho Catarrán and La Palomita Messenger will remain as the cultural heritage of mischief and Nicaraguan identity, as will their beautiful songs: Managua Linda Managua, La Pelo e ’Maíz, Una Canción, Plutarco Malpaisillo, La Domitila, to name a few. We were fortunate to share the stage with him in 2011, at our concert in Zafarrancho, and then at the Son Nica Festival. A man of immense human quality, with a simplicity and humility that make him forget his cultural greatness for a moment. Thank you Don Otto for your enormous legacy, we are forced to rediscover it, disclose it and preserve it as a treasure ».


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