Sofia Sapega, Partner Of The Arrested Belarusian Journalist, Appears Arrested In Another Video Released By The Government

Sofia Sapega, partner of the Russian journalist and activist Roman Protasevich, has been detained in a video published on channels related to the Government and in which she acknowledges that she runs the opposition Telegram channel ‘Black Book of Belarus’.

These types of videos with forced confessions are part of the manual of the Belarusian authorities, who have already done it with many other activists, journalists and politicians, including Protasevich himself and the leader of the opposition, Svetlana Tijanóvskaya. “They told me they gave me the opportunity to go out [del país] If I read that paper or they would put me in jail for a long time, “Tijanóvskaya told” It was a great psychological pressure. I was not prepared for that. I was very scared and made the decision to flee. “


Sapega was traveling with Protasevich on the Ryanair plane bound for Lithuania when the aircraft was intercepted and forced to land in Minsk. Both were arrested. According to his lawyer, Aliaksandr Filanovich, Sapega is in the KGB detention center and preventive detention has been ordered for two months.

The Telegran channel ‘Black Book of Belarus’ published the identity of the security agents in charge of suppressing the demonstrations that broke out in the country following the widespread accusations of electoral fraud in the August 9 elections.

“Naming and shaming is the most effective non-violent resistance tactic. Paralyzing a riot police officer is simple: just remove the balaclava. Security officers are afraid to appear on the Telegram channel ‘Black Book of Belarus’ and appear later on the sanctions list, “Franak Viacorka, now an adviser to Tijanóvskaya, posted during the demonstrations.

“The only way to stop the violence is to remove the ski masks. An officer who is no longer anonymous will think twice before grabbing, beating and kidnapping someone,” declared the founder of the Telegram channel to The Guardian without revealing your identity for security reasons.

Sapega’s mother has claimed that her daughter left for Lithuania in August last year and did not participate in the protests, as has been published on various opposition Telegram channels. The messaging application became the main source of information and organization for protesters during the protests, as it was not affected by the network blockage.

This Monday a similar video of Roman Protasevich was also released in which he was also forced to confess: “Hello, I am Roman Protasevich, yesterday I was detained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Minsk airport. Now I am in detention center number one from Minsk. I have no health problems, the attitude of the staff is correct. I continue to cooperate with the investigation and confess about the organization of mass riots in Minsk. “



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