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Sofia Vergara’s Ex Insists On ‘stealing’ Her Embryos

A Louisiana appellate court dismissed the case for control of two embryos; Nick Loeb hoped the state would benefit him with its more conservative laws

Sofia Vergara officially ended with Nick Loeb in 2014 and, although since then she has found stability with her husband Joe Manganiello, the Colombian has remained close to her ex due to a long legal battle that he started shortly after their breakup in order to obtain control of the female embryos they created together at the time.

Loeb’s intention was to carry them to term with the help of a surrogate so that he could become a dad.

However, his last attempt to achieve it has just met with the refusal of the Louisiana justice.

An appeals court dismissed the case that Loeb brought to that state from California, hoping to benefit from its laws, which recognize embryos as legal entities. After analyzing the case, the judge determined that the businessman does not live there nor would he intend to do so in the future.

In fact, the court concluded that Loeb’s case should be thrown out because it became a “mockery of the Louisiana legal system.” The court also criticized Loeb’s presentation in Louisiana as “abominable” and ruled that all the documents in the case were not sealed.

Then, Loeb’s lawyer confirmed in a statement to the portal Page Six that your client is not going to throw in the towel and his next step will therefore be to appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Sofía Vergara, for her part, opened another front in California three years ago to get the courts to ratify the contract that she and her ex signed at the time, according to which neither of them could use the embryos without the consent of the other.

Nick has always insisted that, to achieve his goal, he would not ask his ex for any financial help to face the education of the babies born after implanting the embryos in the womb of a surrogate mother.

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