Some 13.8 Million Saw The Political Trial Hearing Against Trump

New York – Approximately 13.8 million people watched the live broadcast of the first public hearing of the political trial process to President Donald Trump in which diplomats William Taylor and George Kant gave their testimony.

Ten channels broadcast the audience or recordings of it live, which lasted almost six hours on Wednesday, Nielsen said. On Friday there will be a second audience.

In comparison, 20.4 million people saw the Brett Kavanaugh hearing during their Supreme Court nomination process after accusations against inappropriate sexual conduct arose in September 2018. The testimony before the Congress of former FBI director James Comey, with 19.5 million, also recorded more audience. Former special prosecutor Robert Mueller captured 12.9 million in July.


The Fox News network was the one that had the most viewers, even though its primetime drivers have constantly ridiculed the political trial investigation. Nielsen said that about 2.9 million people watched the Fox broadcast, which led to the third best audience for a day of the year.

MSNBC was the second most watched with 2.69 million, while ABC had 2.01 million, CBS had 1.97 million, CNN with 1.84 million and NBC had 1.68 million, the company added.



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