Some 6,300 People Demonstrate In Brussels For Women’s Day

Some 6,300 people, according to police calculations, demonstrated this Sunday in Brussels at the central event scheduled for Women’s Day in Belgium to vindicate gender equality. The event, convened by associations such as La Marche Mondiale des Femmes Belgique at the Brussels central station, took place in a festive and vindictive environment, despite the rain and uncertainty over the coronavirus crisis, which adds 200 cases in Belgium after 31 New infections announced this Sunday. Between choirs of “Stop to sexism” or “Solidarity with women around the world” and banners where you could read “Sexist violence, complicit system” or “women, life and freedom”, the procession paraded through the city center a year after the 2019 edition was the first day of feminist strike in the history of the country. On this occasion, the Collecti.ef 8 maars association maintains its call to the unemployment of women this March 8 for those who work the weekend but, being Sunday, extends the call to Monday under the slogan “Stop all, stop all , we stop everywhere. ” The acting Prime Minister and Chief of Government of the history of Belgium, Sophie Wilmès, as well as the European institutions based in Brussels also joined the International Women’s Day to claim rights on equal terms for That half of the population. “Women are currently better represented in leadership positions. But there is still a lot to do for gender equality,” said the president of the European Commission, German conservative Ursula von der Leyen, through his Twitter account. Last December she became the first woman in history to head the community Executive. The president of the Italian Parliament, the Italian social democrat David Sassoli, also asked to “redouble efforts” to ensure that “no woman or girl is subject to discrimination, violence or exclusion.” “We must take the green transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world, without leaving anyone behind. All women must be agents of change. It is time to move from words to acts,” he said in a statement .





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