Sonos Arc: The Soundbar With Dolby Atmos

Sonos Arc, the new soundbar already includes support for Dolby Atmos.
                                                The first Sonos product with Dolby Atmos support is here: the Sonos Arc soundbar is now official. Sonos, the American firm that develops premium sound speakers and WiFi connectivity, announced the new sound bar on Wednesday, May 6, along with a slight internal update and changes to the name of the Sonos Five speaker (which replaces the Play : 5) and the Sonos: Sub as the new bass subwoofer. The Sonos Arc bar arrives to replace all the other company sound bars, the Sonos Playbar and Sonos Playbase. Sonos replaces the other two with the arrival of Arc knowing that it is their most complete product so far. In addition to having Dolby Atmos support, Arc is the first Sonos product made from the new S2 operating system.

Arc also offers stereo and surround sound by connecting to other brand speakers such as the Sonos One. Sonos told CNET in Spanish that the surround sound experience will not be affected because Arc has Dolby Atmos and the Sonos One does not. they count on it. Arc, being a new generation that comes seven years after the company’s first soundbar, has a completely different design. Sonos created this new bar with a 270 degree oval grille, with almost his entire body covered in this material. Inside Arc, Sonos placed a total of 11 speakers consisting of 8 boofers and 3 tweeters. Sonos places two of these speakers firing the sound upwards, to make it bounce off the ceiling and reach users’ ears. In terms of connectivity, the Arc bar is simplified and only has the electricity connector and an HDMI port (eARC or ARC), eliminating the need to also connect an optical cable, as it happens with other sound bars, including past versions Of the brand.
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Sonos Arc, like the rest of Sonos products, also includes intelligence features such as integration with virtual assistants from Amazon, Google and AirPlay 2 support. The integration of the two virtual assistants is a surprise considering the battle between Sonos in front of these two firms. Sonos Arc: Pricing and Availability Sonos will begin selling the Sonos Arc Soundbar for $ 800 starting June 10. Sonos will bring the soundbar to Mexico from the second half of June for 19,999 pesos (about US $ 827).
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