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The campaign to renew the New York City Municipal Identification Card (IDNYC) began on Tuesday and with the launch, the new benefits of carrying this card were announced.

New members and those returning to the program include the main museums, art centers, zoos, botanical gardens and cultural institutions of the five counties.

Today, we announced the future of IDNYC, every NYer’s key to the greatest city on Earth:
RenewOnline renewal portal
✅New cards for @NYCSchools middle school students
BenefitAdditional benefit partners to help NYers unlock even more fun, opportunities & resources in the city they love


– IDNYC (@IDNYC) October 29, 2019

Also, on its fifth anniversary, IDNY introduces the IDNYC high school card, which will allow high school students 10 years old and older to attend selected schools can enroll in IDNYC without the presence of a parent or guardian.

"IDNYC will accept the verification of the identity and residence of the student by the middle school, together with a form signed by a parent or guardian, as sufficient proof to meet the eligibility requirements for the card," the press release notes .

The Department of Education launched a series of emerging enrollment sites in public high schools. The first five-day pop-up opened in J.H.S. 291 Roland Hayes in Bushwick, Brooklyn on October 21, 2019. The next event will be held at M.S. 51 William Alexander in Park Slope, Brooklyn on October 30, followed by M.S. 562 Evergreen Middle School for Urban Exploration in Bushwick, Brooklyn on November 14.

All students who choose to have a card at their high school enrollment site will obtain an IDNYC with a vertical design that will show the student's name, photo, date of birth, height, gender and the name of their middle school. It will not show the student's home address.

IDNYC will also begin to allow those who are not students and who reside in university housing to use their university housing agreements to establish their residence.

What can you use the IDNYC for?
– City Agencies to access many services and programs;
– New York Police with the purpose of issuing subpoenas or summons instead of arrests;
– To enter public buildings, such as schools;
– To take the high school equivalency exam in New York City;
– By employers, when presented with proof of work authorization.

"In the last five years, IDNYC has become the largest and most successful municipal identification program in the country due to its commitment to accessibility and inclusion, and this new expansion will ensure that even more New Yorkers can participate," said the mayor. Bill de Blasio.

For his part, J. Phillip Thompson, Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, said: "IDNYC makes this city more accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. I congratulate all the new advances of the program and I am excited to see the expansion of our profit partners in 2020 ".

Beginning December 2, 2019, New Yorkers whose IDNYC expires in less than 60 days, or whose card has expired less than 6 months ago, may request renewal of their IDNYC through a new online portal or in person at a Registration Center.

IDNYC is the largest and most successful municipal identification program in the country, with more than 1.3 million cardholders.

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