Sophie Turner Confesses That She Hated The Jonas Brothers Before Marrying Joe

The actress also revealed details about the first meeting she had with her now husband.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas They met in 2016 and since then they form one of the most established and charismatic couples on the international scene. Now, about to celebrate her first year as married after an intimate and discreet ceremony last May in Las Vegas, the actress known worldwide for her role as Sansa in Game of Thrones She recently told amazing statements about her husband in a magazine.


In this interview the interpreter related among other things what was Joe’s first impression before meeting him and it was not very good, Sophie He said he hated the group in which his boy sings: “My friends and I were not fans of Hermanos Jonas. There was a band in the United Kingdom called Busted and they had a hit called ‘Year 3000’. It was wonderful and we were big fans of Busted. Afterwards, the Jonas Brothers made a cover of the song and gave it worldwide fame. And Busted separated. We thought it was the fault of the Jonas Brothers, so we hated them, ”Sophie confessed.

But that was not all, because the actress also told how her first romantic date was. Her current husband was touring the United Kingdom and he sent her a private message in which she offered to go out for a drink with him: “I lived with my friends in Camden, on a really rough floor; People always came in and out the windows. When I told my friends, they told me: ‘How funny. You have to do it! And you have to send us a text message with everything it says’ ”.

Sophie At first I didn’t really want to go out with him: “I expected him to appear safely and all that. I thought: “He’ll be a jerk.” So, I brought all my friends to accompany me to meet him, because deep down in my mind I was still worried that it could be a farce, or anything else. I just wanted my friends near me. I had my hard boys. I was safe, ”he explains.

After this, the interpreter continued telling how everything went: “It was a crappy bar, a dirty place with good music and people throwing up everywhere. It was both the worst in the world and the best. It did not bring security. He brought a friend, and they drank as hard as the rest of us. I remember that we both spent only a couple of minutes on the dance floor and then we found a space in a corner where we started talking. We talk for hours and hours and hours. And I realized that I was not a boring person. It was not a farce. And soon we became inseparable and I went on tour with him. ”

Since then they both form a happy couple and Sophie says she loves being married: “The only thing that has changed for me is to have this incredible sense of security. The word ‘husband’ and the word ‘wife’ solidify the relationship. I love being married. I think it’s wonderful. I am sure that we will have our differences, but right now I only feel security and security is everything. ”