Soto May Be Acquired By The New York Yankees

Soto May Be Acquired By The New York Yankees

The major New York Yankees in the American League East could be the fate of the stellar Dominian gardener Juan Soto, who rejected Millionaire’s offer from the Washington Nationals, a team he belongs to in the same division. In the National League.

According to a tweet from sports caster Jack Curry, who works for the YES network analyzing the Yankees team games, both sides need to decide if they agree on the exchange of talent.

The Yankees slugger Aaron Judge recently said he didn’t want Soto to be traded to the Bronx team’s rival, the American League team.


“If Soto leaves the Nationals, I don’t want to see our pitchers facing each other,” the judge said on the spot.

This is the third time Soto has declined a contract offer from the Nationals. The last of US $ 440 million for Washington to release Dominican outfielders.

That amount averaged 29.3 million per season, “demonstrating” that Dominicans weren’t interested in continuing the team. The deal makes Soto the most lucrative deal in Major League Baseball history, earning more than $ 426 million received by Mike Trout and becoming the 20th highest paid player in annual salary.

The Yankees have contacted to show interest in the acquisition of Juan Soto. Now it’s a matter of telling the Yankees (and other teams) what the Nationals want from generational talent. It’s an early stage in the process.Both sides need to determine if there is a match in terms of talent exchange

— Jack CurryYES (@JackCurryYES) July 23, 2022

Before the start of the regular season, it was revealed that he hadn’t traded $ 350 million for 13 years, and before the $ 440 offer, he had another deal that exceeded the sum of the first offer. Was told to refuse.

Now, Creole outfielder has increased his value in winning the 2022 class home run derby. .250, 43 RBIs, 20 home runs, 5 RBIs in his fourth season in more than 20 major leagues. 57 runs, 79 hits, 17 doubles.

In his lifetime, all the time with the Nationals, he hits .293. 118 home runs, 355 RBIs, 564 hits, 108 doubles.

Years of experience as a stats manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Dominican Republic and a correspondent for the media El Caribe, El Nacional and La Noticia. He was the editor of the newspaper Última Hora and was responsible for the winter ball stats for Listín Diario.



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